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CODE300-32 v 4.xx !

We are happy to annunce the new software relase of Code300-32 Version 4.xx is available !
There are some new modes included : 

  • G3FAX (offline) 
  • GW PSK
  • AK 10
  • Acquarius 200
  • Coquelet 8 FEC I 
  • Coquelet 8 FEC II
  • Coquelet 8 FEC III 
  • CODAN 3012 T
  • MIL STD 188-110 B
  • MIL STD 188-110 39 Tones Variant
  • MIL STD 188-110 App.


Out of production

From 1 January 2016 Code300-32P and Code 3-32P are no longer in production. For our customers who wish to update their Code 300-32-P and Code3-32 P to Code300-32 Standard or Extended please contact your distributor or us directly.


Add video examples page for CODE3-32P
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New Mode

We are happy to announce that it will be soon available as option for Code300-32 Extended the new CHN 4+4 also know as Chinese 4+4 Parallel Tone 8 channels (4+4) x 75 Bd QPSK. 

Please, for further information, contact your local representative or us directly

Here some examples

Here an example of analysis of the signal CHN 4+4 with sonogram, audio included

New Release

We are happy to annunce the new software relase of Code300-32 Version 3.09 is available !

There are some new modes included :

Standard version includes now :

  • Pactor II FEC
  • Link 11
  • Codan Chirp 

Extended version includes now :
  • Codan 9001/3012
  • Codan Chipr
  • Codan Coverter (to recover fax, doc, pictures, text, ecc. ecc.)
  • Pactor III HOKA
  • Pactor II FEC
  • Link 11

We are looking for you !

Our company is always looking for new people to increase our small team

your duties:

Definition and programming of user interfaces (GUIs) for decoder and receiver systems 
Design and realization of  new systems, some with database connection 
Implementation of algorithms for signal processing 
Further development of our current products.


CODE300-32 P is available now !

We have integrated a complete SDR part into our well known data analyzer decoder CODE300-32. That means CODE300-32P controls the receiver, has its own databases, own demodulators etc. Tuning, scanning, memories, everything is done by CODE300-32 P. 

In fact we are handling a SDR like a normal sound device, only the sampling speed is different.


Integration of CODE300-32


A lot of professional users are using our decoder analyzer at the end of their monitoring solutions. The Agilent© E 3238 family is one example of a perfect integration of CODE300-32 into a bigger system like their E 3238. Ask for more details.........

CODE3-32 P is available now !

Our CODE300-32 P with Perseus control is available in a 'light' version and without some tools, functions and modes as CODE3-32 P !

There is no remote control, no LAN input etc.